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Outdoor Efficiency At Its Finest

Lux Pergolas are automated, high quality, contemporary, reliable and above all elegant retractable roof systems, bioclimatic pergolas, guillotine glass systems, awnings, external zip blinds, winter gardens and more.


& Groundbreaking


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One of the Most Suggestive Rooms of the House

Winter Garden

Living on the border between indoor and outdoor, as an office or a solarium.  These structures bring a unique well-being of open-air life.  Thanks to advanced technologies and refined design, the outdoor structures have exalted the concept of winter garden making it a smart and dynamic space, adaptable to the simplest to the most complex architectural design.

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The Ideal Answer for Balconies, Verandas, Patios, Windows and Pergolas

Straight Drop Awnings


Comes in acrylic fabric or screen mesh, offering privacy, shade and visibility.

It reduces the UV and heat transfer into your living areas.

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