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Uninterrupted. Resilient. Independent.

With the grid growing continually unreliable, protect your business from costly outages and constantly rising energy prices.

About Our System


PowerPlant H24

Heat and Power - Both from One Appliance

Onsite Power Production that is independent of the traditional grid as well as efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and reliable. An excellent primary power or back up power source that eliminates any loss from power outages.

The PowerPlant H24 system provides heating and power in a single unit. The unit operates independently of the traditional grid, is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and provides consistent, reliable energy. The system can function as your primary source of energy or can operate as a backup source in case of power outages or blackouts.

The reliable and efficient system provides water and space heating as well as electricity simultaneously resulting in clean, dependable, and inexpensive energy. The system produces heat and power at the point of use which enables it to function at a level that is two to three times more efficient than a centralized electrical utility grid. This results in reduced energy expense, increases reliability, eliminates power outages and blackouts, and increases profit.

Highlights & Features

PowerPlant H24 Highlights

The PowerPlant H24 heating and power system increases reliability, decreases expense, and is environmentally friendly. One system unit provides 20kW of continuous electric power or 24kW of intermittent electric power. It is designed to provide independent primary power while simultaneously capturing the heat loss from the engine, increasing the energy efficiency by using it for water and space heating. The system can also be connected to the traditional energy grid for backup power. Always on, On Demand power to handle intermittent peak and surge loads from motors and appliances.


PowerPlant H24 Features

The PowerPlant H24 Primary Power System harnesses 40% to 60% more waste heat energy than other power generators. It is twice as efficient as a standby generator or the central power grid’s combined cycle generators. The system makes the most efficient use of fuel by producing heat and power at the point of use allowing the facility to benefit from maximum efficiency in distributed energy generation. Units are dual fuel to use either natural gas or propane as a base fuel and are easily integrated into existing or new solar energy production systems. The system unit is UL listed and conforms to ANSI, CSA, and CGA safety standards.


System Functionality

GridIron's micro-scaled products allow for independent micro-grid applications of cogeneration systems. With both systems, the engine creates heat which is utilized for water and space heating and the power generated provides electrical energy to the establishment. The systems provide continuous, reliable energy day and night.  Excess power can also be sold back to the traditional energy grid as needed.

System Applications

PowerPlant H24
Ideal For Organizations that Use
Large Amounts of:

Hot Water


Factories & Manufacturing Plants
Universities & Large Campuses
Prison & Correctional Facilities
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing Plants
Breweries & Distilleries
Food Processing Facilities
Hospitals & Medical Centers

Design and Installation

Utility Saving Solutions has an esteemed group of technicians skilled in installing your PowerPlant H24 integrating into

new and existing facilities. 

The units install into the existing facility infrastructure and electrical panels that are already connected to the grid, thereby offering complete redundancy to the building’s existing systems.


Natural gas or propane depending on what type of service you have in your area is required for installation.

There are no major issues with permitting since standard equipment is used and interfacing is done per NEC code. Connection to the existing electrical and / or HVAC Systems is seamless.

Delivered ready for installation, with connections to the building’s existing electrical panel, HVAC system for either of the PowerPlant Systems, and connections for renewable power systems. The modular design can be easily configured to match the exact requirements for any site’s specific load demand.  Inverter system and battery bank, as well as a load management system are included.

​Uniquely suited and designed for any climate, including hot and humid or cold and dry climates.

*A comprehensive Installation and Owner’s Manual is provided with every unit.

Each PowerPlant System is sold with up to a 10 Year Parts and Labor Coverage Policy.


On-Grid and Off-Grid Operation

The PowerPlant H24 Systems are designed to function as a source of primary power in both on-grid and off-grid configurations. They are interactive energy management systems that complement and control Solar Photovoltaic (PV) arrays, and/or Wind Power systems through built-in inverters. Significant savings can be achieved by programming system software to Time of Use (TOU), and Tiered Electricity Pricing (TEP) models since the systems can be configured to operate as the primary source of power or to produce surge loads during high value hours of the day. This is advantageous as a method of peak load shaving for minimizing overall expense. Excess power produced by the system can be sold back to utility companies.


*Optional (Islanded)

Integration & Technical Data


Preventative Maintenance Program

Designed To Provide Years Of Uninterrupted Service, Typically 12 Years Before A Major Service Event Is Considered.  Bi-Annual Factory Recommended Preventive Maintenance Program Included.

*Ongoing Equipment Monitoring Available


Parts. Labor. Peace of Mind.

The PowerPlant H24 unit is sold with a

5 or 10 year warranty plan.

During the warranty period all Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Warranty issues including parts and labor are covered with standard exclusions.


The Parts and Labor warranty can be extended every 5 years for up to 20 years of coverage. *Full details are available upon request.

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