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Micro-Power Production System

Decentralized Energy is the Future

You Want to be Your Own Power Company

Really...You Do

The big utility companies have produced power from Large Natural Gas Generators for decades. Now you can use Inexpensive Natural Gas to produce your own power at a huge reduction in your electric rate. Natural Gas is a clean way to produce electric power and the low Natural Gas prices produces electrical rates as low as 5¢ per kW. Proven technology and the ability to change how you power your business. Innovative technology that combines power, heating, and cooling into a single revolutionary system. A standalone power plant that allows retail spaces, commercial buildings, offices, and manufacturing plants to gain independence from the traditional power grid and be supplied with an always on, cost-efficient, clean power source.

The high-efficiency, commercial microgrid appliance is a complete, all-in-one mechanical solution that not only reduces energy expense but also enables reliable application of renewables and turns normally wasted ambient heat into secure, clean, controllable energy. The scalable system is customizable and can function as a source of backup power in case of a power outage or is fully capable of being a completely off-the-grid, standalone energy system. 

Big or Small.  We Power It All

8.5 kW



Power Your Home or Small Business

Eliminate Outages in Your Building

Larger Applications for any size facility


Harness Unlimited Power

See How 8.5kW Can Be a Game Changer




•Lower or Eliminate Electric Bill

•Reduces Demand Charges

•Rebates and Other Incentives

•Eliminate Power Outages

•More Reliable than the Grid



•Onsite Primary Power

•Quiet Compact Design

•Reduced Carbon Emissions

•Renewable Energy Sources

...and the benefit of free heat and hot water


Introducing the E | ONE Energy System


An introduction to the Mirco-Power Production System including how it provides more reliable energy at a much lower cost.

The highly efficient, mCHP (Micro Combined Heat and Power) is a complete all-in-one solution that not only reduces energy expense but also enables reliable application of renewable energy production systems and turns normally wasted heat into secure, clean, controllable energy.

Our systems are fully scalable, customizable, and can act as your primary power or as a source of backup power.

Comes with a full renewable 5 year warranty, extendable up to 20 years for labor, repairs, and maintenance. 

The E | ONE was developed using innovative technology that combines power and heating into a single revolutionary system that eliminates outages altogether and provides resilient power to your home.

Utility Saving Solutions is proud to offer you all the benefits of this ground-breaking technology.

The E | ONE is the only high-efficiency, multi-energy (electrical & thermal) co-generation home appliance in a complete, all-in-one mechanical solution that saves energy costs, enables renewables, and is environmentally friendly.

The system provides complete independence from the traditional grid while supplying a constant, reliable source of energy.

Tailored Solutions


Revolutionary & Simply Efficient

Reduce use of the grid without having to give up the comfort and convenience while saving big on your electric bills at the same time!  These award winning systems will change the way you power your home or small business. See if you qualify for substantial rebates and incentives for combined heat and power.


  • Replaces Water Heater

  • 8 kilowatts of power

  • Affordable

  • Works with Solar & Other Renewables

  • Quiet Running

eone colors.png

Let Your Energy Conservation Specialist Recommend the Best System for You!


How It Works

The mCHP system provides all heat and electricity needed by a facility resulting in clean, dependable, and inexpensive energy using natural gas at the point of use which enables it to function at a level that is two to three times more efficient than a centralized utility grid.  This results in dramatically reduced energy expense, increased reliably, the elimination of power outages, and overall increased profit.

Utility Costs Keep Rising.
Being power independent
with resilient and reliable power,
and saving on your utility costs.
No brainer.

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