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Our team offers many additional energy related services that complement the main services that we offer. By forming strategic partnerships we are able to offer our clients an even wider range of potential services to enhance their experience and reduce their overall expense. Below is a short list of some of the services that our clients are able to select from.

Utility Audits

Utility Audits

Our Utility Auditing Program is specifically designed to uncover errors within your Utility Bills. These can include bills for electricity, gas, water or sewer, and waste removal services. Errors are often found in the rate you are paying, your current billing plan, and various other issues. When discovered these rates can result in refunds or rate adjustments that save you money. The auditing bill evaluation process is completed as a free service to you and you only pay if you receive a refund or when savings for you are found during the audit.  You have nothing to lose!

Bulb Recycling

Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

On-site effective and efficient processing of old, unwanted bulbs including fluorescent, mercury vapor, and high pressure sodium lamps in the Georgia area. Disposal of various sizes including 4', 8', and U-Bend lamps available with no filling, taping, or mailing of boxes required. We come to your location with our vapor vacuum lamp compactor and dispose of your unwanted bulbs. Our process complies with OSHA, ACGIH, NIOSH, and European Clean-air standards. Certificate of Proof of Destruction provided on completion of service.


Warranty Service & Maintenance Programs


Our Warranty Service Program gives our clients the security of knowing that we are here to back our products. We only choose products of the highest quality that result in less need for warranty service, however if an issue occurs we are there to quickly resolve that issue and return everything to proper working order. We also provide routine Maintenance Services that work to prevent future emergency issues from wear and tear over time.


Rebate Processing

Rebates offer additional savings when doing an Energy Efficiency Project. They certainly help to reduce the cost to implement a project and contribute to a better ROI. Processing the rebates is a tedious and time consuming process.

We take the burden of processing the rebates to get our customers the highest possible rebates and incentives. Contact us for more information. 

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Rebate Processing
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