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The Full Story

About USS

Utility Saving Solutions

is a minority female, and veteran owned company 

based in metro-Atlanta, Georgia committed to reducing costs for energy production while saving the planet. 

We have formulated a set of components that offer the most efficient energy system in the world.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive utility saving solutions and green technologies customized to meet the specific needs of each client with a heavy focus on developing the most efficient and cost-saving solution for each project as a benefit to the environment and for future generations


We envision a world that is intelligently sustainable and takes into account the ramifications of moving to green energy solutions.  

Value Statement



Our most important asset is the group of talented and dedicated people

who make up our team.  

From project design and proposals

to ongoing maintenance and warranty fulfillment,

we offer comprehensive solutions

to meet the energy needs of our clients. 

Our team members truly believe in, and enjoy what they do,

and we believe that directly results in higher customer satisfaction.

We are a B2B commercial fulfillment center

for energy and cost savings.


We have established relationships with leading, innovative companies  that allow us to bring the elements together that are most suited for your business and your bottom line.  By partnering with the experts in each field of research and development, we have created advanced solutions that implement cutting edge technology to create the Smart Buildings and Cities of tomorrow. These smart systems not only allow for drastically reduced energy expenses, they remove dependency on the traditional energy grid and remove the threat of downtime due to power outages and grid restrictions. They put you in control and allow you to maximize the savings and customize the energy grid to the specific needs of your organization.

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